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Born in 1956, Israeli photographer Roi Kuper has been working since the mid 1980’s in the photographic medium, philosophically exploring and investigating its nature both in black and white and in color work.

In one of his early body of works, “Vanishing Zones” (1991-1994), Kuper created black and white existential images, which echoed timeless scenes from some far away past or an uncertain future. The works in this series are characterized by the disintegrated sensation they convey, the result of a prolonged process of manipulation they had gone through.

In his body of work, “Necropolis” (1996-2000), Kuper explored deserted areas in the south of Israel alongside local military semi-archeological remains that are scattered throughout these areas. This body of work is both lyrical and haunting, and was methodically photographed in medium format using black and white film, thus producing exquisite high quality silver prints.

A group of works from this series has been purchased by the Tate Modern and was show at the museum during 2001-2002.

In 2002 Kuper began working in color. These recent works continue his exploration of the photographic medium, touching upon and deepening his voyage into questions of time, place, memory and death.
Roi Kuper has exhibited solo exhibitions over the years, both in Israel and abroad, among them “Ashdod” at the Israel Museum, Jerusalem (1996), “Necropolis” at the Tate Modern, London (2001), and “Citrus” at the Herzliya Museum of Art, Israel (2001).

His work is included in the collections of the Tate Modern, London, the Israel Museum, Jerusalem, the Tel Aviv Museum of Art, the Herzliya Museum of Art, , as well as in private collections in Israel and abroad.
Roi Kuper is also an associate Professor and staff member at Shenkar College, Multidisciplinary Art Department, Ramat-Gan.

Color prints 125 x 125 cm and 80 x 80 cm. Edition of 5.
Roi Kuper's series of color photographs was created In Switzerland, France, and Israel. A big storm in the Alps, clinging stillness in Provence, a drying lake surrounded by mountains, a vineyard encompassed by fields of thorns, a barren desert, a rock pool, mist swirling around the Alps, and all of it - like synchronized breaths, an echo of loneliness, a local hallucination. These are complex and charged landscapes that divide into two under the clear, bright sky. This division draws toward the warmth of initial inspiration opposite a landscape pretending to be dead and forms of alertness and strength, of emotional release from the tension. Eternal passion. The works examine a world that seems to desire nothing, to be involved only with itself, a world shrouded by contradictions where one has to act with total silence, where there is no place for a wish, where there is a state of static hallucination, total silence. The desire is outside the internal labor that, through the knowledge of selective memory, guides the observation to a supposition of the heart and from there to understanding, to the domain of contemplation.
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B&W prints 125 x 125 cm and 50 x 50 cm. Edition of 5. Roi Kuper, has been working four years on the project titled Necropolis. Deserted army camps become local archeological sites within a culture that invests heavily in training, defense, and war. Abandoned constructions become monuments which exploit the environment, leaving in their wake decay and ruins. This archeological journey parallels with research conducted […]


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The White Cliffs of Dover

Color prints 126 x 126 cm and 90 x 90 cm. Edition of 5. Dover, a port city, which functions as a main passage point between Britain and The Continent of Europe, plays a central role, as an “invisible city”, in this series of works. The blinding brightness of Atlantis, which is the first part of the trilogy “To Eat of the Leviathan’s Flesh”, is […]

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Ink prints 30 x 20 cm. One of a kind.

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Color prints, different sizes. Click image for details. Edition of 5.
Everything flows ("Panta Rhei") in this body of work. There is a constant flow between juxtapositions, between and inside frames. A sequence which creates a paradox of existence, that forever ceases to exist. It is a painful illusion, it is a fact of life. An invisible entity sisyphically strives towards the unreachable, towards a change. The glow of an essence surfaces just for a brief moment, like stars caught in the water, like a flowing waterfall – this is nature of life. Panta Rhei. "You cannot step into the same river twice", believed Heraclites 2500 years ago. Since the dawn of man have we sought after the logos: a structure, a rule, an answer. Same is the artist's observation, who seeks truths in nature, in all-encapsulating fleeting moments when na?ve becomes sisyphic, caught in a cycle without a beginning or an end. This is the living aspect of a quiet movement existing among us, the last seconds of innocence never to return – a quiet breeze, leaves floating on the water. What is left then, if nothing is redeemable? - a lone experience, short, immortal - yet eternal. Panta Rhei. Or Gottlib, 2005

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